(emacs)Buffers of GNUS

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GNUS's Three Buffers

   GNUS creates and uses three Emacs buffers, each with its own
particular purpose and its own major mode.

   The "Newsgroup buffer" contains a list of newsgroups.  This is the
first buffer that GNUS displays when it starts up.  Normally the list
contains only the newsgroups to which you subscribe (which are listed in
your `.newsrc' file) and which contain unread articles.  Use this
buffer to select a specific newsgroup.

   The "Summary buffer" lists the articles in a single newsgroup,
including their subjects, their numbers, and who posted them.  GNUS
creates a Summary buffer for a newsgroup when you select the group in
the Newsgroup buffer.  Use this buffer to select an article, and to move
around in an article.

   The "Article buffer" displays the text of an article.  You rarely
need to select this buffer because you can read the text while keeping
the Summary buffer selected.

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