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Basic Editing Commands

   We now give the basics of how to enter text, make corrections, and
save the text in a file.  If this material is new to you, you might
learn it more easily by running the Emacs learn-by-doing tutorial.  To
start the tutorial, type `Control-h t' (`help-with-tutorial').

   To clear the screen and redisplay, type `C-l' (`recenter').

* Inserting Text
Inserting text by simply typing it.
* Moving Point
How to move the cursor to the place where you want to change something.
* Erasing
Deleting and killing text.
* Files
Basic FilesVisiting, creating, and saving files.
* Help
Basic HelpAsking what a character does.
* Blank Lines
Commands to make or delete blank lines.
* Continuation Lines
Lines too wide for the screen.
* Position Info
What page, line, row, or column is point on?
* Arguments
Numeric arguments for repeating a command.

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