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Other Amusements

   If you are a little bit bored, you can try `M-x hanoi'.  If you are
considerably bored, give it a numeric argument.  If you are very very
bored, try an argument of 9.  Sit back and watch.

   If you want a little more personal involvement, try `M-x gomoku',
which plays the game Go Moku with you.

   `M-x blackbox' and `M-x mpuz' are two kinds of puzzles.  `blackbox'
challenges you to determine the location of objects inside a box by
tomography.  `mpuz' displays a multiplication puzzle with letters
standing for digits in a code that you must guess--to guess a value,
type a letter and then the digit you think it stands for.

   `M-x dunnet' runs an adventure-style exploration game, which is a
bigger sort of puzzle.

   When you are frustrated, try the famous Eliza program.  Just do `M-x
doctor'.  End each input by typing `RET' twice.

   When you are feeling strange, type `M-x yow'.

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