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   This file documents Tree Dired (version 6), the GNU Emacs Directory
Editor, including the optional "Dired Extra" features.

   Tree Dired is an enhanced version of the Classic (18.xx Emacs) Dired
and will be the Dired of Emacs 19.  It is known to work with Emacs
18.55 and 18.57 (and probably most earlier versions).

Revision of this manual:

$Id: dired.info-1,v 1.2 1994/03/24 01:05:23 jwz Exp $

Report bugs to:
     Sebastian Kremer <sk@thp.uni-koeln.de>

* Dired
Dired, the Directory Editor
* Tree Dired Extra
Tree Dired Extra features
* Dired Internals
Dired Internals
* Dired Known Problems
Known Problems with Dired
 -- Indices --

* Dired Variable Index
* Dired Function Index
* Dired Key Index
* Dired Concept Index
 -- The Detailed Node Listing --

Dired, the Directory Editor

* Entering Dired
* Editing in Dired
* Listing Files in Dired
* Marking Files in Dired
* Mark-using Commands
* Commands That Do Not Use Marks
* Subdirectories in Dired
* Hiding Directories in Dired
* Acknowledgement
* Dired Customization
Mark-using Commands

* Copy and Move Into a Directory
* Renaming and More With Regexps
* Other File Creating Commands
* Deleting Files With Dired
* Dired Shell Commands
* Compressing and Uncompressing
* Changing File Attributes
* Loading and Byte-compiling Emacs Lisp Files
* Printing the Marked Files
Dired Customization

* Dired User Options
* Dired Configuration
* Dired Hooks
Tree Dired Extra features

* Tree Dired Extra Features
* Dired Minibuffer History
* Inserting All Marked Subdirectories
* Dynamic Dired Markers
* Omitting Files in Dired
* Advanced Dired Mark Commands
* Virtual Dired
* Multiple Dired Directories
* Dired Local Variables
* Making Relative Symbolic Links in Dired
* Letting Dired Guess What Shell Command to Apply
* dired-trns.el
Filename Transformers for Dired Shell Commands
* dired-cd.el
Changing the Working Directory for Dired Shell Commands
* dired-nstd.el
Nested Dired format
* find-dired.el
Feeding Find Output to Dired
Dired Internals

* Tree Dired Internals
* Dired Mark Internals

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