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Dired, the Directory Editor

   Dired makes an Emacs buffer containing a listing of a directory, and
optionally some of its subdirectories as well.  You can use the normal
Emacs commands to move around in this buffer, and special Dired commands
to operate on the files listed.

* Enter
Dired EnterHow to invoke Dired.
* Commands
Dired CommandsCommands in the Dired buffer.
* Deletion
Dired DeletionDeleting files with Dired.
* Visit
Dired VisitingOther file operations through Dired.
* Marks vs Flags
Flagging for deletion vs marking.
* Operating on Files
How to copy, rename, print, compress, etc. either one file or several files.
* Shell Commands in Dired
Running a shell command on the marked files.
* Transforming File Names
Using patterns to rename multiple files.
* Comparison in Dired
Running `diff' by way of Dired.
* Subdirectories in Dired
Adding subdirectories to the Dired buffer.
* Subdirectory Motion
Moving across subdirectories, and up and down.
* Hiding Subdirectories
Making subdirectories visible or invisible.
* Updating
Dired UpdatingDiscarding lines for files of no interest.
* Find
Dired and FindUsing `find' to choose the files for Dired.

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