Yangsheng Xu
WeH 1319, x8-3737

Course Schedule:

MWF 2:30 - 3:20
WeH 5427

Text and Reference Books:

Course Purposes:

Robotics is the field that integrates a wide range of areas such as control systems, computers, mechanical design, pattern recognition, sensors, and AI. The goals of this course are: to introduce basic concepts in manipulator systems, and develop the ability to write programs for controlling a manipulator.

Upon successful completion of this course, the student must be able to:

Course Outline:

Course Schedule:

Aug 24, Course overview (Ch 1)
Aug 25,27,30, Sept 1, Rotation and Transformation (Ch 2)
Sept 3, Forward kinematics (Ch 3)
Sept 6, (labor day, no class)
Sept 8,10, Forward kinematics (Ch 3)
Sept 13 , Introduction to microbot (TA)
Sept 15,17,20, Inverse kinematics (Ch 4)
Sept 22 , Manipulator workspace
Sept 24,27,29,Oct 1, Jacobian Transformation (Ch 5)
Oct 4, Dexterity and singularity
Oct 6, (Midterm review)
Oct 8, (Midterm exam)
Oct 11, (Mid-semester break, no class)
Oct 13, Path planning (TA)
Oct 15,18, Trajectory planning (Ch 7 etc)
Oct 22, Serial and parallel mechanisms (Ch 8 etc)
Oct 25,27,29,Nov 1, Manipulator dynamics (Ch 6 etc)
Nov 3,5,8,10, Linear control (Ch 9 etc)
Nov 12,15,17, Nonlinear control (Ch 10 etc)
Nov 19,22, Force control (Ch 11 etc)
Nov 24, 26, (Thanksgiving, no class)
Nov 29, System integration
Dec 1, Programming languages (Ch 12)
Dec 3, (Final review)

Grading System:

Grades will be determined by performance in the following 4 areas:

Problem sets: 30%
Lab assignments: 30%
Midterm Exam: 10%
Final Exam: 30%
In addition, to pass the course you must not miss more than one problem set.

Problem Sets:

Every problem set has equal weight. Each problem set is worth full credit when turned in at the beginning of class on the due date. It is worth half credit for the following 48 hours, and zero credit after that. You may still want to turn it in for zero credit even though it is late, in order to pass the course. Collaboration on problem sets is not acceptable.

Lab Assignments:

Lab assignments will be executed by teams of two or three. One page description of the solution, a source listing, and a demonstration of the solution are required for full credit. The one page description and the source listing are due at the demo.


The midterm and final exams are closed book and closed notes. The midterm will cover all preceding material. The final exam will be 1/3 on pre-midterm material and 2/3 on post-midterm material.

Teaching Assistant: