I'm having trouble with step X, can you help me?

It's been more years than I care to admit, and I'm tired of answering questions. So the answer for all is now "The web helps those as help themselves". It's not 1994 anymore; there are plenty of other how-to-make-a-crane pages, most with helpful photographs, so if you're stuck here, just use a search engine to look somewhere else.

Continue reading only if you have a weird sense of humor

Cheer up! Some friends offered to help me answer questions (instead I pulled the mailto links from these pages). Here are some of their answers:

at step 7 shouldn't there be a thing about folding down the top triangle anyway? then step 9 is much easier

don't forget to unfold the paper after 3 and 4

Take a $5 bill.
Fold it in half.
Place in an envelope.
Address it to me, apply proper postage, and drop in the mail.
no, you shouldn't actually do this!

between step 2 and 3 you forgot to douse the crane with lighter fluid. between 3 and 4, you apply the match.

i was thinking more like "did you get the paper cut between steps 4 and 5 and let all of the blood leak out of your brain?"

You sound as if you may be attempting to do this in R^3. My crane instructions only work in R^6. Hope this helps!

you are reading the instructions backwards. start at 8. go to 3. then 4. then 2. if you don't do that, i can't help you.

do not laminate/shellack the crane until you are done.

did you remember to exhale? also, put the joint down before starting step 1.

You can also ask here.

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