Animal Origami for the Enthusiast
John Montroll, (c) 1985, Dover Publications; ISBN 0-486-24792-9

I was given this book after I had owned the previous work for some time; if anything, I liked this even better. The copy I have is bound in the same style and lies flat nicely. It also has color pictures on the inside covers.

This book begins with simple models and works up to more intricate ones. Each is folded from an uncut square. The book also contains a brief explanation of the symbols used to indicate various folds, and several pages explaining folds and "bases" considered basic. (Many models share the same initial folds; the result of some common beginning folds is called a base, e.g. "bird base", "frog base".)

Here are the critters you learn to fold. ("Steps" is really the number of illustrations, not the total number of folds, which would have been more tedious to count. It's still a reasonable indicator of complexity, though.)

Last modified 14 June 1996
Bridget Spitznagel