Sound of Zephyrs

Words: Bridget Spitznagel

Music: The Sound of Silence, Simon and Garfunkel

Hello gdb, old friend,
I'm running code through you again,
Because the gremlins softly-y creeping
Left their bugs while I wa-as sleeping
And the program that had always worked before
Now dumps core, amid the sound of zephyrs.

More sleepless hours I tooled alone.
Ordered pizza on the phone.
Beneath the halo of fluorescent light,
I thought I'd work away all Thursday night,
When my eyes were snared by a buffer in xemacs:
No zwgc.desc hacks, and all the sounds of zephyrs.

And in the zephyr logs I saw
A hundred students, maybe more,
People on graffiti, help, et al.,
Bots that really drive you up the wall;
Haiku, parodeees, and news someone had heard
At times perturbed the constant flow of zephyrs

"Fools!" one said, "just use your heads
Zephyr like a virus spreads
Turn it off, and if I make my guess
You'll make satisfactoree progress"
But his words like a punted instance fell
And echoed in the well of zephyrs.

And the students zephyr on
As the morning crawls along
Til class message instance tg's ping,
And the sig and body following,
And it says that the Black Friday keg is waiting in the lounge for you,
And pizza too (no whispers after that on zephyr.)

Background: If you don't already understand it, you can read the explanation of zephyr and Black Friday. It still won't make sense, though.

Legal frufru: Lyrics © 1996, Bridget Spitznagel. Permission granted for private noncommercial use and reproduction of these lyrics, provided that this copyright notice remains intact. Other uses are negotiable.

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