News-server On A Cloud

Words: Bridget Spitznagel

Music: Castle On A Cloud, Le Miz

There's a news server on a cloud.
I like to read there in my sleep.
Aren't any killfiles I must keep,
In my news server on a cloud.

All articles appear on time;
People who mail me pay a dime.
No groups are censored, all allowed,
In my news server on a cloud

There is an agent all in bytes,
Filters for things that I might like
It's very smart and it does catch-ups
It says "I think you'll like this very much"

I know a place no news gets lost,
I know a place where no one spams
Spamming at all is not allowed
In my news server on a cloud

Background: The news servers here had been a tad flakey (for several months, because the upgrade that would fix things had its own problems.) In addition, a number of people who regularly posted to usenet had been spammed, which prompted discussion of appropriate ways to deal with unsolicited email.

Legal frufru: Lyrics © 1997, Bridget Spitznagel. Permission granted for private noncommercial use and reproduction of these lyrics, provided that this copyright notice remains intact. Other uses are negotiable.

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