All Nighter Hell

Words: Bridget Spitznagel

Music: Women & Men, They Might Be Giants

When your brain turns into oatmeal
And your code has run aground
Home's where you know you should be found
Now there's nothing unexpected
'Bout the caffeine giving out
<Yawn>'s not a word you have to shout
But there's something outside the window
Moving past the horizon
Now things are casting shadows
Making as if to say
Sunrise with its messages of pain
And suddenly you know bugs will grow
When you see the spreading ``rosy fingers''
Of the dawn, it's time to go
Sunlight through the slitted window
Will now begin to pour
Out 'cross the floor and to the door
Two by two the coke cans pile up,
And soon they number more
Three by three as well as four by four
Now the sound of people gets louder
Seeping in through the headphones
See them out in the hallway
It's more than you can bear

Background: "In tribute to an undergrad compiler class long, long ago in an institute far, far away."

Pulling an all-nighter: staying up all night, usually for academic reasons; at times, a painful necessity.

The moment when I looked up from the screen and saw the venetian blinds just beginning to glow generally sank my spirits like a leaden weight. In this moment one realizes with dread how truly late it is, and particularly that one is not going to get a nap in before classes.

I have a suspicion that only I can actually get this song to scan.

Legal frufru: Lyrics © 1996, Bridget Spitznagel. Permission granted for private noncommercial use and reproduction of these lyrics, provided that this copyright notice remains intact. Other uses are negotiable.

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