10 October 1936
The Reicchsfuhrer-SS and Head
of the German Police at the Reich
Ministry of the Interior

SV 1 24/36g

Not to be printed in the RMBliV

the Secret State Police Bureau, Berlin
the Prussioon Land Criminal Police Bureau, Berlin
all regional and local headquarters of the State Police in the Reich
all regional and local headquarters of the Criminal Police in the Reich

Subject: Combating homosexuality and abortion

The serious danger to population policy and public health represented by the still relatively high number of abortions which are a major violation of the fundamental National Socialist world-view, as well as the homosexual activity of a not inconsiderable layer of the population which poses one of the greatest dangers to the youth, requires more than before the effective combating of these scourges.

  1. the handling of the above mentioned offenses is essentially the responsibility of local police.
  2. in order to ensure uniform guidelines for central registration and for effective combating of these offenses, I hereby establish within the Prussian Land Criminal Police Bureau a:
    Reich Office for the Combating of Homosexuality and Abortion
[... list of reporting details deleted for brevity]

On behalf of:
signed Heydrich

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