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State Legislator Attempts to Ban DPs from OSU Married-Student Housing

21 May 93 19:59:51 GMT

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Gene Watts, homophobic Ohio State Senator is attempting to prevent OSU from
implementing the policy to include same-sex Domestic Partners in
Married-Student Housing.  He is using the same trick he successfully used to
stop OSU from throwing ROTC off campus, i.e. writing it into the state

In Ohio, write and call your state officals and tell them not to support this
effort of Watts'

From The Columbus Dispatch 5/21/93
(without permission)


     State Sen. Eugene J. Watts, R-Galloway said yesterday that he had put
language into the state budget to declare state universities' married-student
housing off-limits to gay or lesbian couples.
     Watts is chairman of a Senate finance subcommittee in charge of writing
higher education policies and spending amounts into the $30.6 billion state
budget.  The House has passed a budget.  A rewritten Senate Republican version
is to be unveiled Monday.
     Watts said he has included language limiting the married-student housing
at state-assisted four-year colleges and universities to married couples and
divorced or single-parent families with children.
     Ohio State President Gordon Gee stirred up controversy last week when he
announced that gay and lesbian couples would be allowed to live in the
396-unit Buckeye Village.
     That decision was later deferred for review by the OSU Board of
	"This plan was poorly conceived, discriminatory and could not have
enjoyed worse timing, as we are formulating the higher education budget in
Ohio," Watts said.  "I believe the Board of Trustees at this flagship
institution of Ohio will not implement this proposal.
     "nonetheless, it is useful to take the issue off the table so that
higher education institutions can focus on the mission of education rather
than social engineering."

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