Phule's Company by Robert Lynn Asprin

Review by Bob Wright

Phule's Company is the first book in the new humor series of novels by Robert Asprin, the man who has been responsible for the fantasy-humor series of the Myth books. This new series is a parody of science fiction. The basic premise is that the most inept commander in the entire Space Legion has been put in command of a company of the worst soldiers.

Surprisingly, this book is both hilariously funny and has a plot. After the last several, rather disappointing, novels in the Myth series, this is a welcome and refreshing change. As with most humor books, there is really no way to quite describe Phule's Company. The closest I can come is to ask you to imagine Kevin Kline leading a Muppet Show army in space. Whatever it's like, this book is highly recommended to those who enjoy the funny side of sf.

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