by William Gibson

Review by Bob Wright

Neuromancer by William Gibson has won the Hugo, Nebula, and Philip K. Dick awards. This didn't mean much to me (I read what I like, not what wins awards) and I've been putting off reading this penultimate "cyberpunk" novel for years.

I finally broke down after a friend loaned me a copy of Burning Chrome a collection of Gibson's short fiction. Put simply, I have seen the fiber-optic transferred light. Both his short fiction and this novel are unique experiences. Cyberpunk has flavor and ideas that have never been seen in SF. Neuromancer is essentially a spy/espionage novel with a new twist. If you've put off reading Neuromancer because it's trendy or over-hyped, it's time to get with the programme and read this exceptional novel. I have Gibson's Count Zero on my shelf trying to tempt me away from Shakespeare and EdPsy, and EdPsy is swiftly loosing ground.

This book is available in the PARSEC Library.
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