The Man From Earth

by Gordon Dickson

Review by Bill Johnston

The Man From Earth by Gordon Dickson is a collection of some of his most well known short stories; three of them were even the title stories of other collections, and one, "Call Him Lord", won him an award. I would recommend it for those who like Dickson.

His most well known book is Dorsai! which is strange because it is intentionally written different from his usual style. He typically writes lighter novels which still introduce ideas but move quickly and are not entirely serious. Soldier, Ask Not in the Dorsai series (excuse me, "Childe Cycle") is more characteristic of him. His main characters are loyal and self-sacrificing, but very competent bordering on infallible. Since Dickson considers the Dorsai series his most serious work most of the books are overdone in this respect, and I can't recommend any of them except Dorsai! and Soldier, Ask Not. None of his other books stand out in my mind, but are worth reading if you prefer lighter sf.

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