Beyond Heaven's River by Greg Bear

Review by Bill Johnston

Beyond Heaven's River by Greg Bear is a short novel which is hard to predict because the plot is not evident. It deals with character, but the characters seem rather flat. It describes an interstellar civilization on diplomatic terms with aliens, but only vaguely. It really does not stand alone, but I know of no others related to it. It should have been expanded or used an as episode.

I have also read Eon and Hardfought by Bear, and can recommend both. Eon contains new ideas, a cohesive plot, and interesting if two dimensional characters. Hardfought should be read , not described or I will spoil the strangeness of this story. I enjoyed it more than either of the others I have read by Bear. He is said to be one of the best authors who started in the eighties, and from what I have read I can believe it.

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