by Clive Barker
Review by Sasha Riley

Everville is to say the least, a strange book. The writing is good and very mysterious but gives you the information that you need for the scene. The book starts off in a wagon train going to Oregon. A young girl named Mauve O'Connel, and her father dream of building a city called Everville. The father is killed along the way because he is believed to be a devil worshipper. The daughter gets away, and finds herself lost in the woods. She comes upon a large tent and a "wedding".

Then the scene moves to present day Everville and stays there for at least the next 3 chapters if not more. Within the time you spend "In" Everville you get to know the town, and all the important people. Though they do not seem important at the time, they shall become so later on. Word of advice. READ CAREFULLY. In this book everything is important. If it weren't, it wouldn't have been mentioned at all. Then end of the book is weird. While it ties up all the big ends of the book, it leaves many things undone, and unsaid. All the characters are pulled together in the end, by one big joint chaos. In which they learn they all had a part in making.

I really enjoyed the book once it left the wagon train and started to get really weird. The way things were pulled together, and the fact that the ending was not neat and completely clean cut, makes it a really good book.

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