Code of Conduct
Kristine Smith
Review by Don Cox

Captain Jani Killian was part of a diplomatic mission to the Idomeni homeworld and a student in one of their schools. She gets caught in an Idomeni civil war and, in choosing to protect her people, she chooses to become involved. Through this action, she violates non-interference rules that make her a traitor. Oh, and by the way, she kills her superior officer.

That's the bad news. The good news is: she is killed in a shuttle explosion. Or at least that is what the Earth governments think.

Fortunately for us, a group of doctors researching Idomeni genetics find her and repair her body with illegally obtained Idomeni genetic material. So for eighteen years, she has wandered the various colony worlds trying to stay two steps of a government who won't stop looking for her.

Finally discovered by Evan Van Reuter, her former lover and the Commonwealth's new Interior Minister, Jani agrees to return to Earth to help him unravel the strange circumstances surrounding his late wife's death.

True to the politics of the twentieth century, this future Earth has just as many snakes in the wood pile. As Jani digs into the evidence around the death, she uncovers things about Evan that link him to her death eighteen years earlier. And her 'augmentation' is reaching a point where her body may die again.

This is not a bad read and I would recommend it. The plot has a few twists and the reader has few clues to the real causes of Jani's involvement in the Idomeni affairs and eventual 'death'. These come out deeper into the story. It does leave one wondering just who the bad guys really are but, as usual, look no farther than your elected officials!

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