A Dozen Black Roses
by Nancy Collins
Review by Sasha Riley

A Dozen Black Roses is a story about modern (yet old) vampires in a run down city that still go by the old rules. The book gives fairly good descriptions of the city and its inhabitants. The main characters are a young (by vampires terms) Vampire lord, his bride to be, her son, a rival vampire lord, an old man who lives in the alleys, and last, but not least, the stranger who just wandered into town with intentions of destroying the vampire lords, the town or both.

I found this book to be very good. The plot unravels just fast enough that at times you wont want to put the book down. The author gave very nice descriptions of where the characters were in each section of the story. She also goes very deeply in to some of the rituals that the vampires have perform.

I thought Nancy Collins did a very good job of showing that vampires are not all just unfeeling heart less creatures that hunt the living without reason, even though there are times in the book were such an instance occurs (most of that is done by main characters). After I was done reading the book, I found myself going back to read sections again because I thought they were written well, and they still gave me that slight touch of hatred or caring that I got the first time around.

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