Nebula Awards 32
Edited by Jack Dann
Review by James Walton

Looking over the copyright page of Nebula Awards 32 I see that this volume is 2 years behind. A quick glance confirms that previous volumes have all been two years "late." I suspect this is due to problems in securing the rights to reprint certain stories.

The book is subtitled SFWA's Choices for the Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year. That is, what the authors feel we should be reading.

One thing that always bothered me about the Nebula anthologies is they print only the winner in each short fiction category and one other selection, which I assume to be the runner up. The full short list is printed so interested parties can hunt for the other stories if they are inclined.

There is a section of essays by several authors giving their opinions on the state of Science Fiction in its various forms, including computer games.

I don't see the necessity of including a section on Science Fiction and fantasy films. The movie industry seems intent on divorcing itself from anything remotely resembling good writing. Personally I'd rather see more stories than remarks about movies that sounded boring when I heard of them originally.

I won't comment on any of the fiction except to say that all are very well done even though my tastes don't always fall in line with SFWA's. This is a very good yearly collection. I just wish it were larger.

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