Chicks in Chainmail
Did You Say Chicks?!
Edited by Esther Friesner
Review by James Walton

As I've previously mentioned, humor is a very subjective thing. What will have one person chortling is extremely dull to someone else.

I found Chicks in Chainmail and Did You Say Chicks?! to be extremely dull anthologies. I originally ignored them because I hate the titles. I bought them at the urging of a friend who raved about them. I have since reassessed my friendship with this person.

The best part of the first book is Esther Friesner's introduction explaining why she used such titles.

I admit that I did not read all the stories in these two volumes. I couldn't handle it. I picked around and read the work of authors who have impressed me in the past. So it is very possible I missed a couple of real nuggets amid the dross. (All the authors represented in these volumes are welcome to send me letters explaining why I should make an exception and read their stories. Better yet, send me copies of their newest books for review.)

I didn't care for either of the Chicks books, but as they say in the Fidonet Science Fiction echo, "Your mileage may vary."

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