TOR Double # 19

Ill Met in Lankhmar

by Fritz Leiber

The Fair in Emain Macha

by Charles de Lint

Review by Bill Johnston

Ill Met in Lankhmar/The Fair in Emain Macha by Fritz Leiber/ Charles de Lint is the latest in the line of double books by TOR. Even though I don't read fantasy, I have only been disappointed by a couple of TOR's selections up till now, so I read this one as well. Ill Met in Lankhmar is a must. Even John Clarke would be hard put to complain about it, and that is no minor statement. The Fair in Emain Macha is a story of "Myrddin", obviously Merlin, and I enjoyed it. Not being a reader of fantasy I can't say anything more, but I think people will like it.

This is the nineteenth TOR double, and I would recommend any of them. They include classic SF stories which cannot be found elsewhere as well as more recent ones by well known authors such as Robert Silverberg and Poul Anderson. Some of the stories could be considered rather primitive, but many are award winners, and there was only one story I really disliked.

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