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The Motors

In order to be able to move over the whole playing field, each robot has to be able to move straight back and forth, and to turn right and left. The right and left turns have to be made quickly and on the spot. Therefore, each robot carries two motors. Each motor drives a pair of wheels on one side of the robot. The width of the turn is controlled by changes applied to the motor on the side of the turn, i.e. by slowing, stopping or reversing it. The permanent magnet motors are reversible. The reversibility also allows the change in the movement direction to be made simply by reversing the polarity of the current in the motor windings.

The motors in the current design are brushed type, reversible DC motors with permanent magnets instead of field windings. Their operating voltage is rated between 2.5 and 12 V at a current draw of maximum 0.9 Amperes.

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