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TPOT-RL is an adaptation of RL to non-Markovian multi-agent domains with opaque transitions, large state spaces, hidden state and limited training opportunities. The fully implemented algorithm has been successfully tested in simulated robotic soccer, such a complex multi-agent domain with opaque transitions. TPOT-RL facilitates learning by partitioning the learning task among teammates, using coarse, action-dependent features, and gathering rewards directly from environmental observations. Our work uses a learned feature within TPOT-RL.

TPOT-RL represents the third and currently highest layer within our ongoing research effort to construct a complete learning team using the layered learning paradigm. As advocated by layered learning, it uses the previous learned layer--an action-dependent feature--to improve learning. TPOT-RL can learn against any opponent since the learned values capture opponent characteristics. The next learned layer could learn to choose among learned team policies based on characteristics of the current opponent. TPOT-RL represents a crucial step towards completely learned collaborative and adversarial strategic reasoning within a team of agents.

Peter Stone
Fri Feb 27 18:45:43 EST 1998