Cultural Theory, Cultural Studies

So you do cultural studies, or wonder what they are? Fish around here and pretty soon all will be clear(er). But don't generalize too much - this page reflects only my own interests and does not claim to be a general representation of cultural theory in all its glory.

Note: one of my very favorite sources of all things Cultural-Studies-Esque is the English Server. They are chock full of goodies.

For more specific information, try the following sub-pages (note that they are not mutually exclusive categories; shop around):

  • Body knowledges
  • Cultural Studies of Science
  • Feminism
  • Marxism
  • Media theory
  • More general philosophy
  • Postmodernism
  • Psychoanalysis, anti-psychiatry, and friends
  • What follows is more general, or less easily categorizable, cultural studies info.

    General references:

  • Cultural Studies Central
  • Voice of the Shuttle has many pointers similar to these pages - including a Literary Theory Page and a Cultural Studies Page
  • Communication Studies: Cultural Studies Resources
  • IATH home page has lots of stuff (including the former home of Postmodern Culture)
  • Programa Prossiga - Rei - Biblioteca Virtual de Estudos Culturais
  • -- the media theory site
  • Cultural Studies Central
  • Journals:

  • Critical Inquiry
  • Enculturation... An Electric Journal for Cultural Studies and Theory
  • Illuminations
  • Other Voices - A Journal of Critical Thought
  • Public Culture
  • SIC ET NON - Online Forum for Philosophy and Culture
  • Social Text on the web
  • Undercurrent
  • w e l c o m e t o m / c
  • Interesting essays on the net:

  • Valerie Fulton: ``An Other Frontier: Voyaging West with Mark Twain and Stark Trek's Imperial Subject''
  • E. Roy Weintraub: What defines a legitimate contribution to the subdiscipline `The History of Economics'?
  • Conferences:
  • Critical Resistance: Beyond the Prison Industrial Complex
  • Other items of interest:

  • Spoon Home Page
  • The Chronicle: Colloquy: Are the culture wars over?
  • Calls for Papers on the English Server
  • Essays by Hakim Bey
  • Events and People In Black History
  • ABELL: The Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature
  • MUSE - Subscriber Access to JHUP Journals in Full Text
  • There's some interesting cult studies stuff at the Labyrinth WWW Home Page for Medieval Studies (esp. Cultural Frictions)
  • Society for the History of Authorship, Reading & Publishing
  • Radical Sociology, 1967-75
  • Workplace - journal of graduate student workers
  • You can find some of my writings on cultural studies off my research page.

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