How to search the Internet

It's still a big mess.

One of the worst things about the Internet is the lack of a simple search program. You still need to know what you're looking for, and have a general idea of where to find it. But things are improving; here is a list of some dedicated search tools.

If you want to find:

  • Hypertext try HotBot, Alta Vista, Lycos, WebCrawler, MetaCrawler, Inktomi, and InfoSeek
  • Files try ArchiePlex
  • Databases try gopher's Veronica or WAIS's directory of servers
  • Netnews try DejaNews and AltaVista
  • Computer Vision Papers try searching the USC Vision and Rosenfeld bibliographies (or Rosenfeld in Europe)
  • People try the YaHoo People Search, AnyWho Directory Search, or NetFind database
  • For more up-to-date search tools, please check listings at CMU and Phillips

    If you want to see a particular institution's Home Page, find an Internet host at that institution and try replacing the prefix with www. For instance, if you knew
    was a valid hostname, you might try:		doesn't work		works!			works!			works!

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