Creating Images

It's always nice to add (optional) images to your pages

	<img alt="" src="url">
	<img alt="(World map image)" src="url">
  • FIND existing icons at SCS, ECE, Rutgers, and Italy
  • CREATE icons using xpaint on the IUS Suns, MacDraw on Macs, some C code, or whatever.
  • Best to save in GIF or JPEG format.
  • TIFF is less common, but still the best option for 24bit uncompressed
  • SCAN photos using, e.g. the 3rd floor scanner in Wean Hall. Manipulate the image in Photoshop (scale, crop, etc) using full color, then save as GIF or JPEG. Or if you hate scanning, consider creating a PhotoCD.

    Only scan images that are yours, or for which you have permission to distribute electronically!!

  • EDIT images using an online service, Photoshop on the mac, or XV and xpaint on unix. XV can crop and scale images, but can't retouch.
  • If you simply must create Animated GIFs, GIFMerge is a good tool.

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