The Great #Rift TroutWar of '95

It was the year 1995, and the Web game known as The Rift was sweeping into computer labs, sucking people's time like a black hole. Seeking a haven in which players could brag, swap hints, or generally be a nuisance to other players, an IRC channel, #rift, was born. Within #rift, a dark, violent, horrible culture evolved, culminating in what can only be known as the #rift TroutWars of '95.

The TroutWars began simply as illustrated by this exchange:

        * Galoob slaps TNEZ around a bit with a large trout
        * spooky01 smacks boardmstr with a 6 day old trout
        * Boardmstr slaps Chichi around a bit with a large trout
        * Indiglo slaps Chichi around a bit with a large trout
        * Boardmstr slaps Indiglo around a bit with a large trout
        * Boardmstr slaps axiom around a bit with a large trout
        * Indiglo slaps ChiChi around a bit with a large trout
        * Pillsbury slaps Indiglo with an oversized trout
        * Indiglo slaps Pillsbury around a bit with a large trout
        * Indiglo slaps Urban_DK around a bit with a large trout
        * ChiChi slaps indiglo accross the face with a live trout
        * Cyko slaps chichi with a trout
        * ChiChi slaps indiglo accross the face with a dead trout
        * drue slaps indiglo with a live trout
        * Indiglo slaps marxx around a bit with a large trout
        * Pillsbury slaps Cyko around a bit with a large trout
        * _SMoKeY slaps Sascha around a bit with a large trout
        * _SMoKeY slaps ChiChi around a bit with a large trout
        * Pillsbury slaps Cyko and Bobba around a bit with a large trout
        * axiom slaps pam around a bit with a large trout
        [ChiChi]Yo wuzzup y'all?
        [pam] hope that was a fresh trout
However, as all wars must, the trout wars escalated in carnage. What follows is one of the largest trout wars, from the point of view of [MadDog] (that's me) in all of its inexplicable violence and horror. Warning: this contains graphic violence to and with fish, and should not be read by the faint of heart.

And so begins... The Great #Rift TroutWar

* SamIam thinks drue is planning an all-out trout war
* drue worries that the others are on to her
* [MadDog] begins stockpiling trout
<SamIam> whoa, what kinda channel is this
* drue readies her troutpanzer
<SamIam> :-)
* [MadDog] readies his gatling trout gun
<_Baldric> Oh O. Time to duck
* drue dons her pith helmet
* SamIam locks 'n loads the troutzooka
* [MadDog] dons a raincoat
* drue digs a fox hole, just in case
* _Baldric flattens himself against the ground, seeking shelter in the
   darkness of the gutter.
* [MadDog] hides behind the garbage can
* Beberg thinks storks bring rumors right?
* _Baldric opens his trout-proof umbrella and prepares for the downpour.
* RatBoyDX izzz bak
* drue lights the fuse on her trout cannon
<drue> FIIIIIIRREE!!!!!!!!!!!
* SamIam ducks
* drue watches as the enemy is pelted with trout
* drue packs in another round of trout
* [MadDog] steps from behind the shadow of the trashcan and lets loose
    with his gatling trout gun
* drue is relentless in her attacks
* SamIam rolls and launches the troutzooka BOOOOOOM!
* [MadDog] continues to pump out the trout rounds
<_Baldric> Damn. Where's ChiChi gone to?
* [MadDog] watches as his enemies are covered in burnt gobs of trout
* drue radios her squadron of troutstealth bombers to leave the base
* SamIam catches some trout flack and is seriously injured
<SamIam> sort of
* [MadDog] tries to regroup(er)
* drue screams into her walkie-talkie for reinforcements
* har puts a trout in a microwave and dons a gas mask.  The fumes
   overwhelm everyone...
* drue lobs troutgrenades at SamIam
* [MadDog] wonders tuna or not tuna?
*** Cyko (~dk4v@TUNDRA.WEH.ANDREW.CMU.EDU) has joined channel #rift
<Cyko> hey all
* drue grabs Cyko in a desparate hostage attempt!
<SamIam> oooff!
* [MadDog] lambastes the unsuspecting cyko with his trout gun
<Cyko> wait %date 
<drue> drop your trout or he gets it!
<Cyko> what???
<Cyko> who hit me?
* _Baldric shoots the hostage. Sorry Cyko.
<SamIam> no please!
* [MadDog] decides to let Cyko have it
* drue slaps Cyko with a trout
* Cyko falls to the floor unconscious
<RatBoyDX> weeeeeeeee!
* SamIam pulls a very sharp trout out of his boot and thrusts it at drue!
<RatBoyDX> Lets all change nicks
* drue steals Cyko's troutbayonet and runs for the jungle
* [MadDog] shoots carp at his foes under the cry of carp(e) diem
* Cyko slowly wakes up...
<RatBoyDX> I'll start
*** RatBoyDX is now known as Skunk-Boy
* _Baldric wishes desperately the lag would stop so his part of the story
   would make a little more sense...
* SamIam trips drue
<Skunk-Boy> :)
<Skunk-Boy> Should i wave my tail?
* [MadDog] hits SalmonIam with his Trout gun
* drue hides and listens to the incoming squadron of troutstealth bombers
* Beberg pulls out a suborbital tactical trout...
* Cyko snags someone's leg...hey...this aint a leg
*** _Baldric is now known as Nose_Hair
* [MadDog] hides behind the trashcan again
* SamIam dives into a trench filled with festering trout
<SamIam> ugh
* drue wonders who'll play her in the movie version of "the great #rift
   trout war"
<Cyko> maybe drew barrymore
*** cs61a-jz (~cs61a-jz@veronese.CS.Berkeley.EDU) has joined channel #rift
* har turns the trashcan upside down and puts on top of [MadDog]
<SamIam> sharon trout
*** cs61a-jz is now known as Locust
* [MadDog] flounders underneath the trashcan
* drue runs screaming towards har and stabs him with Cyko's troutbayonet
* Beberg fires...
* SamIam takes some action photos at war
<Beberg> ######  ####### ####### #     #   ###
<Beberg> #     # #     # #     # ##   ##   ###
<Beberg> #     # #     # #     # # # # #   ###
<Beberg> ######  #     # #     # #  #  #    #
<Beberg> #     # #     # #     # #     #
<Beberg> #     # #     # #     # #     #   ###
<Beberg> ######  ####### ####### #     #   ###
* [MadDog] emerges from the can unscathed tho' smelling of fish
* Cyko trips over someone's stash of trout on the ground
*** Signoff: Locust (Dead Socket)
* Beberg counts the dead...
* drue has been hit!
* Cyko but quickly finds a trout grenade and pulls the pin
<Cyko> we all die!!!
* drue lies twitching on the ground!
* har ducks...
* [MadDog] runs for cover
* drue twitches
* [MadDog] pulls drue to safety just in time
* Cyko runs towards maddog and har
*** Locust (~cs61a-jz@veronese.CS.Berkeley.EDU) has joined channel #rift
* SamIam sends the photos to field and stream, soldier of fortune , and
   life, and makes money of the whole ugly thing
<Cyko> hehehehehehe
* [MadDog] lets cyko have it with another round of his trout gatling gun
* Cyko 's grenade finally explodes killing Maddog and Har
<SamIam> he's got a GUN!
* drue uses [MadDog]'s field radio to call her agent and see if barrymore
   will do a screen test
*** Signoff: Bobba (Ping timeout)
* har knocks SamIam's camera out of his hands (with a trout, of course!)
<SamIam> RUN!
* [MadDog] lobsters another grenade
* Skunk-Boy fires STINK GAS!!!!!!! 
<Skunk-Boy> **Run for cover!!**
* drue falls out of [MadDog]'s jaws
* drue rolls down the hillside into the trout pond
* [MadDog] runs cyko through with a swordfish
<drue> >splash<
<Cyko> eekkkk
* drue climbs to the shore gasping for air
* [MadDog] dives into the water to save drue
* Beberg shoots the hostage, then finishes off Drue...
* drue is knocked back into the water by [MadDog]
* Cyko takes out his halbred and attacks all like a lunatic on trout
<drue> *glub*
<har> Watch our for the trout in that pond... they bite!
* [MadDog] starts getting very confused
* [MadDog] tugs drue to shore
*** Beberg is now known as Trout_57
* Cyko hits maddog first with a jab in the torso
* [MadDog] slaps cyko with a trout
* Trout_57 grins...
* drue once again climbs onto the shore gasping for air
*** har is now known as Trout_007
* Cyko kicks drue back in
<Cyko> using me as cover ehhh...
* drue pulls a red herring from her pocket and throws it at Trout_57
<drue> aigh!! >splash<
* [MadDog] rips into cyko with his teeth
<Cyko> ackkk...
*** SamIam is now known as Trout1138
*** Trout_57 is now known as Beberg
* drue is rescued by the trout mafia
* Cyko pulls out his gun with a silver trout and shoots maddog in the skull
* drue is taken to shelter in an underwater cove
*** Skunk-Boy is now known as TroutBoy
* [MadDog] says ouch
* drue is made queen of the trout
* Beberg runs screaming as he tries to get bandwidth out of the cursed
   .au domains...
<Cyko> oh no...
*** Trout1138 is now known as TroutOCop
* drue commands her armies of trout forth
* Cyko sees a horde wave full of trout crashing toward the shore
* [MadDog] feels eel
<Trout_007> drue: I hope you don't start saying "let them eat (fish)cakes"...
* drue watches satisfied as legions of trout zero in on the pitiful humans
   on shore
* [MadDog] says Oh my Cod!
*** TroutBoy is now known as TroutSper
<TroutSper> oops
* Beberg opens window #9...
* drue caommands them to kill
*** TroutSper is now known as TrotSperm
* Cyko pulls out a trout net and traps the unsuspecting horde
<Cyko> hehehehehe
* [MadDog] lets loose the dogfish of war
* drue brushes up on her spelling in between attacks
* [MadDog] sees the seahorse of the apocalypse
* Trout_007 is wearing his trout disguise, luckily.
* Beberg runs to give Drue mouth-2-mouth...
* Cyko raises the net in the air...making the helpless trout die from
   lack of water
* drue is horrified! her trout have been captured!
* [MadDog] rips the net to shreds
* [MadDog] rips cyko to shreds
* [MadDog] foams at the mouth
* drue kicks Beberg in the teeth and runs for dry land
<TroutOCop> whoa, get the camera!
<Cyko> there is no dry land...dry land is a myth
<TroutOCop> this is great <CLICK>
* drue pulls out her last weapon.... her final hope...
*** Nose_Hair is now known as Shark
*** Shark is now known as _SHARK_
<TroutOCop> hey,.... no film
<Cyko> everyone blitz her b4 its too late
* [MadDog] runs for cover
* Cyko dashes towards drue...
* drue slips into her bulletproof Indigo leather jacket
* Trout_007 stole the film, and is selling to the highest bidder...
* TroutOCop drops a mega-trout bomb on drue
* drue rummages through the pockets
<Cyko> stop teasing us with that =(
* [MadDog] chases a catfish
* TrotSperm fertilizes the enimies!!
* drue is instantly killed by TroutOCop's bomb
* [MadDog] is disgusted
*** TrotSperm is now known as Trout0Boy
* TroutOCop sees drues feeble attempt at playing dead, and whallops her again
<Locust> sooo.... what net.hunt is next?
*** Mode change "-b _ChiChi!*@*" on channel #rift by _SHARK_
* [MadDog] lets TroutOCop have it with his gatling gun
<Beberg> who says trout are no fun at parties...
* drue 's spirit leaves her body and enters [MadDog]
* [MadDog] tingles all over
*** drue is now known as MadDog
<TroutOCop> get the net, he's possesed!
<MadDog> rowrf! rowrfff! arf!
*** [MadDog] is now known as drue
* MadDog scratches the tingly parts
* Trout_007 drops a 15 mega-trout bomb on TroutOCop (hydrogen
   vs. atomic trout technology)
* Cyko essence enters Shang Tsung
* MadDog bares his teeth at Trout_007
* MadDog snarls audibly
* Cyko is of no more in this earthly world
* MadDog foams at the mouth
*** Trout0Boy is now known as TroutBomb
* MadDog leaps forward
<Trout_007> Nice doggy, nice doggy...
<_SHARK_> OK. Someone cover me, I'm going to try to make it out for lunch. Ready
*** Cyko is now known as _____
<_SHARK_> Set
<TroutBomb> ahhhh
* Trout_007 feeds MadDog a trout
<TroutOCop> uh. like , i think i'm dead, or something
* MadDog sinks his fangs into Trout_007's jugular
* TroutBomb thinks MadDog is taking a weee
* MadDog tears the hapless corpse to shreds
* drue thinks that the new MadDog doesn't play so nice
<TroutBomb> Dog takes wees with one leg lift up
* MadDog takes a wee on Trout-007
* MadDog turns towards drue
* _SHARK_ jumps out of the gutter and runs madly for the cover of
   the familiar Subway store.
*** drue is now known as [MadDog]
* MadDog turns towards [MadDog]
* MadDog gets confused
*** Trout_007 is now known as har
*** TroutBomb is now known as MadDog2
* [MadDog] is very confused
<TroutOCop> Shark: bring me a cold cut combo, ok ?
* MadDog wags his tail
* [MadDog] sniffs MadDog
* MadDog2 sniffs MadDog
*** Signoff: Beberg (
* MadDog sniffs [MadDog]'s butt
* _SHARK_ dives out of the way of the incoming cruise-trout and throws
   himself violently into the open door way, injuring an elderly
   couple in the process...
* har wakes up from a really bad dream about being bitten by a MadDog
   while wearing a trout costume.
* [MadDog] is even more confused
<MadDog2> Haha
<MadDog2> you were talking to drue :)
* MadDog tries to... uh, nevermind
<TroutOCop> it's a drive by trouting, DUCK!
*** xdm (bc3c@MULTIPLEX.RES.CMU.EDU) has joined channel #rift
<xdm> _____: heh
* [MadDog] smacks TroutOCop with a tuna
* MadDog finishes writing [MadDog]'s thesis
* har ducks, but is hit anyway because the trout was aimed low.
* MadDog accepts [MadDog]'s degree
* [MadDog] thanks MadDog
* [MadDog] not sure that he should have thanked MadDog
* _SHARK_ rushes out his order, then waits paitently for them to make
   it. "Where's my FUCKING lunch...", he chants, beating the poor
   worker ovber the head with a stolen trout-club.
<har> MadDog: want to write my thesis also? 
*** MadDog2 is now known as Drue
*** TroutOCop is now known as SamIam
* MadDog accepts a high-paying job in the private sector, buys a doghouse
   in the suburbs, and finds a nice she-dog to settle down with
<Drue> heheheh
* _SHARK_ Gabs the barely finished trout sandwich from the hands of the
   worker and chokes to death on it....
<Drue> Lets be each other
* [MadDog] continues to look a bit confused
<MadDog> har: not really
<Drue> oops
<MadDog> Drue: ok! you can come sit at my desk, and i'll ...
  uh, do whatever it is you do.
<har> Can I bribe you with a trout sandwich?
* Drue sits on MadDog's desk
<Drue> trout doesn't taste good...
<Drue> hm...
<Drue> lets be salmon!
* Drue smacks MadDog with a large salmon
*** har is now known as Salmon
* [MadDog] hurls a bunch of red snapper at this enemies
* Drue smacks _______ with a large salmon
*** xdm is now known as _______
*** Drue is now known as RatBoy
*** RatBoy is now known as SalmonBoy
* _______ gets hit by a large salmon.
*** SalmonBoy is now known as Sascha
* _____ incarnates into the Trout-Devil
* SamIam finds a bass in his pocket
*** Sascha is now known as Drue
*** _____ is now known as TDevil
* MadDog wonders when dinner is?
* Salmon wish people would stop smacking me against things.
* [MadDog] fishes in the trashcan
* _______ gets a goldfish.
* TDevil summons his dead trout followers to rise from the dead
* MadDog wonders if phase 2 has started yet
* [MadDog] pulls out the Ginzu swordfish
*** _______ is now known as KorelReef
<MadDog> in japan, the hand can be used like a fish
* [MadDog] slices, dices, and makes julienne fries out of his enemies
* TDevil casts a deadly gas around the area...choking all who breath
* MadDog calls Ronco and orders a dozen for the amazingly low price of $29.99
* [MadDog] snacks on a peanut butter and jellyfish sandwich
*** KorelReef is now known as [drAgohn]
* Salmon is glad that he doesn't need to breath.
*** Drue is now known as OJ
*** SamIam is now known as GasMask
* TDevil attacks [dragohn] first
<OJ> I murdered my wife with a trout damn it!
*** [drAgohn] is now known as SipsohN
<OJ> I didn't use a bloody glove!
* [MadDog] doesn't let OJ get close to his Ginzu
*** OJ is now known as Drue
*** Drue is now known as RatBoy
<RatBoy> hmmmm
* MadDog foams at the mouth
* [MadDog] bares his teeth
* MadDog sniffs the rat
* TDevil follows up his attack by throwing his trout-trident at Ratboy
* [MadDog] steps on the rat
* MadDog walks lifts one leg
<TDevil> take that you lousy rat
*** SipsohN is now known as MadMageII
*** RatBoy is now known as Drool
*** Drool is now known as RatBoy
* MadDog wants to go for a walk
* RatBoy smacks everyone with a trout
*** Signoff: RatBoy (ASD)
* MadDog scratches at the door
*** Beberg ( has joined channel #rift
* [MadDog] bites RatBoy
* TDevil janks Maddog's chain and pulls the dog for a walk on water
*** MadMageII is now known as whift
* [MadDog] whizzes on TDevil
* MadDog doesn't like having his chain janked on
* MadDog drinks the water to replace what was lost
* Beberg grumbles as his normal server crashes...
<MadDog> slurp*slurp*lap
*** Signoff: _SHARK_ (Connection reset by peer)
* [MadDog] thinks we're all scrod in the head
*** GasMask is now known as anti_drue
* MadDog splashes water all over the place
* MadDog splashes water on Beberg's server
<anti_drue> i hate vivid
<TDevil> whift: cant find nick
<anti_drue> i hate vivid
<anti_drue> i hate vivid
<anti_drue> :-)
* MadDog looks at the anti-drue
*** whift is now known as vivid2
* [MadDog] hits the anti_drue
*** _Baldric ( has joined channel #rift
* MadDog hopes she never meets the real drue
* vivid2 changes nicks too often... yick
<anti_drue> GET OUT!
* anti_drue head spins around
*** vivid2 is now known as ][e
* anti_drue coughs up green trout bits
<_Baldric> Damn IRC servers. I'm goin ta get somethin to eat
   now that the fighting's over. Someone cover me...
* [MadDog] starts up his 6-hp fuel-injected chainsaw (which uses
   genuine pirahna teeth)
<_Baldric> Three
<_Baldric> Two
<_Baldric> One
* TDevil attacks maddog...pulling the once glorious drue's soul out!
<_Baldric> GO GO GO!!!
* Salmon watches drue and anti_drue collide.  It causes a rather
   large explosion, and trout go flying everywhere.
* [MadDog] slices into TDevil
<TDevil> you're soul is mine now
* [MadDog] watches as shreds of TDevil fly everywhere
*** anti_drue is now known as SalmonIam
*** ][e is now known as salmonela
* MadDog wants to go outside
*** _Baldric is now known as _SHARK_
* [MadDog] plans a shark attack
<_SHARK_> SHARKS eat little fish for FUN!!! Muah ha ha ha ha ...
* TDevil pulls out the Golden-Dawn and all cease their hostilities
   for 5 minutes
* TDevil kicks MadDog out
* Salmon is scared by the _SHARK_
<TDevil>  /kick Maddog and stay out you mutt
* MadDog whimpers
*** Salmon is now known as Whale
<_SHARK_> Oooohhh.. Go in peace friends, TDevil said.
* [MadDog] cares not for the Golden Dawn and rips into TDevil more
*** salmonela is now known as [BADdog]
* MadDog wonders how he can detangle himself from this mess
* [MadDog] starts looking confused again
* TDevil grows ferious of [Maddog] revolt...and Pulls the German site
   to ward off the Dogs
* [BADdog] flees in panic!
* MadDog looks at [MadDog] and gets confused
* SalmonIam waves a trout in front of MadDog
* [BADdog] starts chewing on the furniture.
* [MadDog] goes back to his gatling trout gun
<MadDog> ruff?
* MadDog snatches the trout
* MadDog offers to share it with [MadDog]
* [MadDog] lets loose a hail of burning troutflesh on TDevil
* Whale begins to sing mornfully, in memory of the casualities in
   the great trout war.
<SalmonIam> good dogs
* [BADdog] steals the trout and quickly devours it.
* [MadDog] thanks MadDog for the trout
* [MadDog] thinks Doh!
* MadDog drools on Whale
<TDevil> arggghhhhh
* [MadDog] whizzes on SalmonIam
* TDevil sheds his skin...
<SalmonIam> DOH!
* Whale wonders what a mad dog is doing in the middle of the ocean.
   Probably fishing...
<SalmonIam> BAD!
* MadDog chews on TDevil's shed skin
* TDevil falls to the floor...
* [BADdog] lifts its hind legs and starts doing something on something.
*MadDog* ack... how're we ever going to escape this?
* TDevil smacks Maddog across the throat with his sharp nails
*** Signoff: IndyMan (falls into void)
* MadDog looks at [BADdog] and gets *really* confused
* SalmonIam changes clothes into something dry and less-whizzed on
<MadDog> ruff?
> Holy Mackeral!
-> *MadDog* I dunno how we can stop this trout war
* [BADdog] barks like crazy.
*MadDog* maybe we should plan a little gran finale... got any ideas?
* [BADdog] steals the Mackeral and eats it.
* TDevil conjures a trout elemental to attack all dogs
-> *MadDog* How about a troutical nuke? :)
* [BADdog] starts biting at the trout elemental.
* SalmonIam morphs into DogFish
*** SalmonIam is now known as DogFish
* Whale conjures a water elemental to drown the trout.
<TDevil> Trouts dont drown! :pppp
*MadDog* a- a- T-BOMB??!? *gasp* you think we can pull it off? 
<Whale> Oops.
* [BADdog] switches targets and starts biting Whale.
-> *MadDog* No question :)
*MadDog* ready when you are, partner :)
* Whale dives to the ocean floor, and stays there for a few hours
   until [BADdog] lets go.
* DogFish barks loudly and chases after MadDog
* MadDog looks at [MadDog]
* [BADdog] unfortunately is undead.
* [MadDog] starts the countdown to the trouctical nuke
*** TDevil is now known as Cyko
* DogFish bites MadDog on the leg until she whelps
* _SHARK_ circles his lunch, slowly working himself into a FEEDING FRENZY....
* MadDog gobbles DogFish in one bite
* [MadDog] sees the countdown: Trout Minus 2 minutes
* Cyko has finally returned back to normal
* MadDog thumps his tail in time with the countdown
* Whale feeds [BADdog] to the _SHARK_
<MadDog> thwack! thwack!
* [BADdog] switches targets and starts eating _SHARK_!
<MadDog> Cyko was normal?
* [MadDog] listens to the count go to Trout Minus 1 minute
<_SHARK_> Hey!! I've got an idea... I think I'll so swim
   in #hottub and see if I can take it over!! Care to join me, fellow fish...
* MadDog starts licking his lips
*** Whale is now known as Dolphin
* DogFish uses his extra sharp trout crushing teeth and tears a hole
   in MadDogs stomach and jumps out
* MadDog starts drooling 
* [MadDog] looks at MadDog
*** [BADdog] is now known as D0lFin
* Dolphin leaves the earth just before trout minus zero...
* [MadDog] chews on DogFish
<_SHARK_> Let's see is a _SHARK_ in the #hottub scares anyone!!!
* MadDog drools at [MadDog]
* MadDog joins [MadDog] in chewing on DogFish
* [MadDog] watches as the count reaches Trout Minus 30 seconds
* DogFish morphs back into SamIam
*** DogFish is now known as SamIam
> 20 seconds...
*** D0lFin is now known as Tuna
* MadDog nips at SamIam's heels
-> *MadDog* perhaps we should get out of here?
<SamIam> hey, leggo of my leg! oh!
*MadDog* agreed -- when do we bail?
> 10 seconds...
-> *MadDog* I'd say now's about a good time... 5 seconds...
* Tuna lags
* SamIam hides behind a wall of trout
-> *MadDog* what say you that we leap through the rift?
*MadDog* 'k... i'm jumping
<Dolphin> Hmmm.  Guess it was a dud.
* [MadDog] leaps into the rift
*MadDog* see what's on the other side? :)
*** Tuna is now known as the
* MadDog leaps into the rift after [MadDog]
* the rift seals up, consuming both MadDog and [MadDog]!
*** the is now known as FishHead
* [MadDog] watches at the last moment as nuke goes off annihilating everyone
* MadDog wags his tail
<Dolphin> FishHeads, FishHeads, eat them up, yum!
* FishHead is already dead.
*** FishHead is now known as Carrion
*MadDog* yeeeeehaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww!!!
* [MadDog] wags his tail for a well-conducted trout war
<Beberg> later peoples...
*** Signoff: Beberg (Leaving)
-> *MadDog* A successful trout war... :)
<Cyko> later beberg
* Dolphin wags his tail and swims away....
<Cyko> drue: so what is the deal with Pam?
*MadDog* ah yes. i'm ready for a beer- er, snausage ;)
*** MadDog is now known as drue
* Carrion just sits here, rotting away... forming some noxious gasses.
<drue> wow... i just had the weirdest dream
<Cyko> drue: what??? you were drew barrymore
*** Dolphin is now known as har
*** Carrion is now known as xdm
<drue> like i said, it was weird :)
* har yawns.
<drue> i gotta run peoples -- see everybody tomorrow
<Cyko> =ppppppppp
<Cyko> drue: cya
<SamIam> see ya drue!
<_SHARK_> Well, go on. Tell us if you must...
<xdm> l8r drue
<_SHARK_> bi bi
<_SHARK_> So long and thanks for all the fish :-)
<Cyko> and there ends the trout wars

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