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voice: (732) 287-9015                                                                                                                           Piscataway, NJ 08854




                Lead Developer responsible for design, supervision and completion of software projects.




Languages:                       XML, XSLT, C, C++, Perl, SQL, Java, HTML, HTTP,shell scripting, Visual Basic (VB)

Product experience: NITF, NewsML, SportsML, MS Project, Visio,Apache,  IIS, Legato, Veritas, MySQL,  BIND8, Informix, Sybase, MS Access

Toolkits:                             LWP,CGI,CORBA, PowerPlant, MFC, Amulet, awt, OpenGL      




Associated Press, Digital Department                                                                                                         New York, NY


Technical Manager               August 2000 - Present

As technical manager, I was directly responsible for all daily operations and development. Initially all developers and system administrators reported directly to me. I hired a senior system administrator and a software project lead and gradually delegated management of their respective areas to them. I participated in software design sessions on all new software projects, provided training and historical knowledge, and was the personally reviewed projects before they were deployed.

·Hired 8 new staff members.

·Prepared three years of budgets with 30 projects in the second year.

·Designed caching enhancements and supervised consultant work that doubled web site capacity and increased data integrity.

·Designed & supervised modifications of legacy web site to provide more modern design.

·Elicited Requirements and contributed to design of site with layout customized to each customer.

·Co-Managed multi-million dollar cross-departmental outsourced development project to deliver content to customer websites.


Developer                              August 1999 - August 2000

As programmer I completed a number of projects ranging in size from 1-week enhancements or bug fixes to deploying new services. I was responsible for requirements elicitation, design, and implementation.

·Reverse Engineered and documented database driven web site and trained co-workers to support and enhance it.

·Instituted strict version control policy with specific release procedures.


CARNEGIE MELLON UNIVERSITY                                                                                                               Pittsburgh, PA


Master’s Program Studio Team, 1997 - 1998

The Studio project quantified flaws and limitations in a CICS to CORBA bridge, written by IBM under contract for Charles Schwab, before it was used to run the nationwide web trading service, by creating a distributed multi-threaded Java application to generate artificial load.

·Installed and maintained two RS/6000s running custom software under AIX, including a DCE based CICS server, integrated with a custom CORBA ORB.

·Debugged the central test monitor, Executed quality tests for both the load generator and the IBM bridge.

·Managed the Windows NT 4.0 fileserver, webserver, Lotus Notes server and document control system.




Amulet Interface Toolkit, 1997 –1998

·Enabled quick development of groupware by adding a network programming module for the Amulet toolkit in C++.


Computer Services Manager, Chemical Engineering Department, 1996

·Transformed obsolete computer laboratory to state of the art 23 seat computing and lecture facility using only $50,000 budget for fifth year upgrades.

·Maintained AIX, HP/UX, Solaris, SunOS, MacOS 6.08-7.5, Windows NT 3.51





CARNEGIE MELLON UNIVERSITY,    Master of Software Engineering,      Dec 1998                           Pittsburgh, PA

                Concentration in Human Computer Interface              3.56 Quality Point Average


UNIVERSITY of SOUTH CAROLINA, Bachelor of Science in Physics,       December 1995                   Columbia, SC

Concentration in Computer Science                 3.24 Grade Point Average