bsy's List of WWW Related Information

bsy is now at UCSD, and this page is no longer being maintained here.
This page contains WWW / gopher / networking related information culled from the net.
  • Automatic URL excerpts from netnews. This used to be semi-automatic, where I would pipe a news article into a script to format the data as I read news; this has recently been made completely automatic because the volume of news is too high. Therefore, the quality of the filtering probably decreased, since my program can not determine if the URL within an article is likely to be interesting. [Most recent news excerpts]
  • HTML filters (at CERN)
  • WWW Authoring Tools (at Northwestern)
  • Archie gateway
  • Fancy Latex to HTML converter by Nikos Drakos. Handles equations, indices, etc.
  • Tcl HTML-generating program preprocessor htcl
  • Alta Vista search engine at DEC
  • Deja News Usenet archive. From here to eternity.

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