bsy's List of Systems Net Pointers

bsy is now at UCSD, and this page is no longer being maintained here.
Systems papers, software, and random information are gathered here.

  • FAQ for comp.os.research maintained by Bryan O'Sullivan at Trinity College Dublin.
  • DEC WWW service, including product info and the DEC Technical Journal
  • Chorus papers (OGI) (if in Europe, you can get it direct from Chorus.Com)
  • Sprite papers (Berkeley)
  • Amoeba papers (UCSC)
  • QNX papers (UCSC)
  • Plan 9 papers (Bell Labs)
  • Plan 9 manuals (Bell Labs)
  • Plan 9 papers (UCSC)
  • FreeBSD FTP area
  • XFree86 FTP area (CDROM.Com)
  • Linux FTP area (CDROM.Com)
  • {Free,Net}BSD information (ADFA, Australia).
  • SPECmarks for various popular machines (culled from the net; U Toronto)
  • comp.os.research archives (UCSC)

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