Seance: the Church Mailing List

Seance is the love-child of Morten Skjefte, mosk@thechurch.EBay.Sun.COM.

Subscribers are treated to lyrical debates, concert news, updates on the Church and the members' individual projects, and even letters from the man himself -- Steve Kilbey!


  1. Q: How do I get added to or get removed from the list?

    A: Send a short mail message to: seance-info@thechurch.EBay.Sun.COM

  2. Q: How do I post to the list?

    A: Send mail to: seance@thechurch.EBay.Sun.COM

  3. Q: Who do I contact in case there is a problem, such as repeating mailer-daemons from a recipient or I am not seeing any mail?

    A: Send mail, stating the problem (include examples if possible) to: seance-info@thechurch.EBay.Sun.COM or to the mediator of the group, Morten Skjefte: mosk@thechurch.EBay.Sun.COM

    Please be aware that the list is set up in such a way that you may get error messages (mailer-daemons) returned to you every now and then. Read these messages carefully, as it will tell you what the problem is. It usually is just a warning that _one_ of the addresses on the list did not receive your message. It generally does not require a repost to the whole list, so please don't do that. If you are in doubt, forward the mailer- daemon message to me (mosk@thechurch.EBay.Sun.COM) and I'll help interpret it.

  4. Q: What is the distribution range of the mailing list?

    A: The mailing list is world-wide, currently we have members from the United States, Europe and Australia.

  5. Q: Are lyrics available on-line?

    A: Yes. Lyrics can be ftp'ed from (just click here). If you don't have access to ftp, send an e-mail to the list. Someone will help you out.

  6. Q: Is a discography available on-line?

    A: Yes. One is available via ftp from (just click here). An up-to-the-last-minute version is available by sending a request to discog@thechurch.EBay.Sun.COM or you can click here.

  7. Q: What do I do as a new member?

    A: You will receive a confirmation that you have been added on. Once you do, it would be nice if you sent a quick introduction of yourself to the rest of the members. Include such things as how / when you found the Church, favorite album / song / paisley shirt etc.

  8. Q: Is there a seance archive where I can read old posts etc.?

    A: No, although the following "catch-up" files are available by sending e-mail to these addresses:

    articles@thechurch.EBay.Sun.COM = all the published articles posted.
    reviews@thechurch.EBay.Sun.COM = all the magazine reviews posted.
    letters@thechurch.EBay.Sun.COM = personal letters received from Kilbey.

There is also a separate mailing-list for the Australian artist Margot Smith, who has released a wonderful album where Steve Kilbey co-wrote, produced and played on 5 songs. To be added to this list, simply do the following:
Send e-mail to:
Any subject.
Put one of these lines in body of mail:
SUBSCRIBE margot-list ==> To be added as a subscriber

FAQ margot-list ==> Returns the FAQ for the list

HELP ==> Returns a help file

The moderator for the margot-list is Anthony Horan, who can be reached at:

Vernon H Harmon II,