Omnicom: the Online Legion APA

Welcome, Legion fans!!

Welcome to the Omnicom--the Online Legion APA! My name is Vernon (or Vern if you want, it doesn't matter to me) and I'm the central mailer and archiver.The purpose of this list is to meet other fans of the Legion, to talk about Legion-specific stuff that might not be welcome on some of the other comics bboards and mailing lists, to get feedback on original Legion-related material (short stories, etc.), and to try to redirect some of the Legion conversation from the bboards in order to preserve some bandwidth.

I've been a fan of the Legion since #3 of the Baxter series, which I received by accident. When I filled out a subscription request either I checked the wrong title or DC misread the request, but either way I ended up getting a subscription to LSH for 12 issues. And I was hooked! What can I say? I searched frantically for issues #1-2 and when I finally found them I went back and re-read my entire LSH collection. One of the things which hooked me, I think, was that the letter column, the Legion Outpost, seemed to be just as much fun as the book and sometimes it seemed to have a life of its own. I saw fans from all over who shared a common bond....a love of the Legion. The fans always had something to say, and many times what the fans said actually mattered to the writer and editor! What a novel concept! And a regular election? The fans actually had some major input! WOW! I was amazed! What could make so many people come together like this? I mean, I'm a big comics fan and all, but some of these people seemed almost obsessed! So I followed along every month when DC sent me my treasured little copy of this month's continuence....yeah, that's right: continuence. You see, the Legion has all these neat little subplots going on because there are so many characters, so it's almost like a serial--the story never ends, you just get exciting, new chapters! Obviously, the Legionnaires found a real home in my collection and in my heart. It has always seemed to me that LSH fans are unlike any other--we're almost like one, big family (not always one big, HAPPY family, but a family nonetheless) because of this common bond we share--the Legion. And the Legion's more than just a comic book; it's more than just an escape to the future; it's about more than funny aliens and neat gadgets; it's about "principle, honor, friendship, love"(LSH v4#2, p.12).

So welcome aboard! Whether you're an old family member or just married in, we're glad to have you here and we hope you're having fun! You don't need to contribute anything to be involved, but if you'd like to submit something, then feel free to. This is pretty much an open forum for Legion material, so if you've got questions you want to ask about what's gone before, what's going on now or what's gonna happen, or if you want to bounce some ideas around or ask about finding back issues or Legion appearances outside their mags, send me your stuff! All that I ask is that you avoid flaming anyone. I will do my best to determine which posts are flames and keep them out of the mailings but if you avoid sending them then I'll be able to concentrate on the more important stuff. It seems that most people on the list are in their 20's or 30's so we should all be adult enough to follow this one little rule. Just remember that everybody has the right to their own opinion, and that sometimes the written word conveys tones that weren't intentional on the writer's part. With that little matter out of the way we can get on with business....

Omnicom is an electronic mailing list. A new issue is usually sent each week on Tuesday and is mailed in multiple parts. It costs nothing to participate in (except for costs (if any) that you incur on your end for receiving e-mail) and no subscriber is required to submit anything. I have archives of all previous mailings available, but they are not yet available via ftp or automated mailer -- I process requests by hand-- therefore, there may be a delay in having your requests for back issues processed....just keep bugging me about it.

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Vernon H Harmon,