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Last updated: July 19, 1994


Curtis Whitley has been waived; he was a backup center and guard, a long snapper and was penciled in as a "Refrigerator"-type back in short-yardage and goal-line situations. The official reason he was released was because he did not attend a mandatory practice. His release comes one day after he was arrested for drunk driving in an automobile accident. The Bobbies say that they had met with Whitley about his past problems and told him that he had to keep up with his responsibilities to the team "and he failed to do that." [7-18]

Gill Byrd has officially retired. He will pursue a career in TV. [7-15]

This season's training camp opened yesterday for rookies, but not all the draftees were signed. Have no fear, though: Beathard took care of business and all draftees are now signed and in camp. All Charger Free Agents that they wish to keep have also been signed, so it looks like they're ready to get down to business! [7-14]

Eric Bienemy has re-signed with the Chargers, apparently with a pay-cut. [6-7]

Sean Salisbury, a San Diego-area native, had been rumored to be close to signing with the Chargers. Today, he snubbed the Chargers and signed a 1-yr, $1.1M contract with the Oilers. The Chargers' highest bid had been $700K. Beathard said that they will now likely talk to former Colts QB Jack Trudeau. [4-27]

The Bobbies have made it official: Natrone Means will "stop sharing" and become the featured back in San Diego's offense this year. He will not share time with Bienemy (who is a "currently unemployed" Free Agent) nor with Harmon (or even Vinson, apparently, the RB just drafted). "The load's now on Natrone" according to Beathard. [4-27]

Chargers had a mini-camp last weekend. Points of note:

  • Means came in overweight. "The off-season is my time and I'll do what I want"
  • Coach Ross is very impressed with Reuben Davis: good work habits, good strength and good hand speed. He expects a big pass rush this year.
  • Vance Johnson noticed that Shawn Jefferson was tipping off DBs with his head while running patterns and helped him work on it. Johnson, Jefferson and Martin are becoming good friends and worked well with Humphries. [5-12]


    Note that this information may be incomplete, but it is not incorrect.
    Free Agents Lost:

    Free Agents Signed:

    Free Agents Re-signed:


    Note that this information is incomplete(obviously).


    Round 1:
    *NO PICKS*

    Round 2:
    43. Isaac Davis G (Arkansas)
    63. Vaughn Parker G (UCLA)

    Round 3:
    70. Andre Coleman WR (Kansas State)
    82. Willie Clark DB (Notre Dame)

    Round 4:
    *NO PICKS*

    Round 5:
    137. Aaron Laing TE (New Mexico State)
    145. Rodney Harrison DB (Western Illinois)
    150. Darren Krein DE (Miami)
    160. Tony Vinson RB (Towson State)

    Round 6:
    *NO PICKS*

    Round 7:
    207. Zane Beehn LB (Kentucky)

    Of note: Marion Butts was traded to the New England Patriots. We also gave the Pats our third round pick this year. In exchange for our generosity, Bill Parcels gave us the Pats' third rounder this year, plus their fifth rounder this year (you can see above how we used those picks).

    1994-5 Schedule

    All times are Pacific
    Sunday, Sept. 4:	@Denver		W	37-34
    Sunday, Sept. 11:	Cincinnati	W	27-10
    Sunday, Sept. 18:	@Seattle	W	24-10
    Sunday, Sept. 25:	@LA Raiders	W	26-24
    Week 5:			bye
    Sunday, Oct. 9:		Kansas City	W	20-6
    Sunday, Oct. 16:	@New Orleans	W	36-22
    Sunday, Oct. 23:	Denver		L	15-20
    Sunday, Oct. 30:	Seattle		W	35-15
    Sunday, Nov. 6:		@Atlanta	10 AM
    Sunday, Nov. 13:	@ Kansas City	10 AM
    Sunday, Nov. 20:	@ New England	10 AM
    Sunday, Nov. 27:	LA Rams		1 PM
    Monday, Dec. 5:		LA Raiders	6 PM
    Sunday, Dec. 11:	San Francisco	1 PM
    Sunday, Dec. 18:	@NY Jets	10 AM
    Saturday, Dec. 24:	Pittsburgh	1 PM

    Vernon H Harmon, vernon@cs.cmu.edu