Final pre-trip meeting

Tuesday evening we gathered at the church for our final pre-trip planning meeting. The evening started off with Jim leading us in some team-building exercises.

First, we played a game involving cooperating to move items across a distance by stepping on a series of "safe zones", while trying to avoid "falling into the lava". If a person lost all contact with a safe zone, it evaporated and was lost from the game. If you lost balance and fell off your perch on a safe zone, you "fell into the lava".

Next, Jim scattered a collection of small cards with pictures on the ground, and we had to pick up one or more cards that we felt symbolized something about how we felt about the trip. Then we had to explain that to the rest of the team.

Prayer on the lawn in front of the church with a representative of one of the small prayer groups / house groups within the church.

Meeting in the catacombs to practice our Spanish singing, and review final who/when/where details for meeting at the airport.

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