11-711: Algorithms for NLP, Fall 2016

Assignment 2: Parsing
Due 11:59pm ET, Oct. 24, 2016

Project description

assign_parsing.tar.gz: the Java source code provided for this project

data_parsing.tar.gz: the data sets used in this assignment

scores.txt: scores achieved by a correctly implemented parser. Don't expect to exactly match these scores, but feel free to use them for back-of-envelope debugging.

bug-fixed_assign_parsing.jar: replacement for original project code with fixed UnaryClosure.java. The original project code had a bug (discovered by several students) that resulted in a broken reflexive closure. Specifically, the reflexive closure was only computed for symbols that appeared in unary rules in the underlying grammar. The corrected version now adds reflexive unaries for all non-terminals in the grammar. You should be able to simply replace your current assign_parsing.jar with the bug-fixed version. The only change is that UnaryClosure.java now computes the correct reflexive closure.