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Note: I am not currently looking for a job. This document is provided for reference only.


1990-1997 Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh
Degree: Ph.D. in Computer Science
Thesis Title: Generating Code for High-Level Operations through Code Composition
Advisor: Thomas Gross
Completion: August, 1997 (defended May 19, 1997)
Project: Fx compiler; iWarp
Fellowships: National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship, 1990-1993
Intel Foundation Graduate Fellowship, 1994-1995
1986-1989 University Of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Degree: B.S. in Computer Science, College of Engineering
Awards: Graduation with Highest Honors

Systems Experience:

Detailed knowledge of the internals of the Java Virtual Machine, and high expertise in the interface between a compiler and the JVM (including garbage collection and exception handling support in the compiler).

Founding member of the Fx Compiler group. Fx is a source-to-source compiler for programs written in a dialect of High Performance Fortran. Fx parallelizes the high-level programs, managing the individual processors' computation and communication in a variety of ways. I was responsible for the code generation for data-parallel communication and computation. The Fx system consists of over 100,000 lines of C code.

Thesis project: the Catacomb computational backend. Catacomb is a tool that interfaces to a compiler for composing code at a high level. Using a high-level language, a programmer writes code templates that are composed at compile time to produce code for runtime. Catacomb uses runtime constants derived using optimizer technology, in conjunction with compile-time constants, to make decisions about what code templates to compose. Catacomb consists of about 15,000 lines of C code.

Preferred programming languages: Java, C/C++. High competence in Java and C/C++ (both Windows and Unix development environments); familiar with many other programming languages.

Parallel systems used: Cray T3D, Intel Paragon, iWarp, PVM/MPI workstation clusters.

Selected Publications:

J. Stichnoth, D. O'Hallaron, and T. Gross. "Generating Communication for Array Statements: Design, Implementation, and Evaluation." Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, 21(1):150-159, April 1994.

J. Stichnoth, G.-Y. Lueh, and M. Cierniak. Support for Garbage Collection at Every Instruction in a Java Compiler. In Proceedings of PLDI'99, Atlanta, Georgia, May, 1999. ACM.

A. Adl-Tabatabai, M. Cierniak, G.-Y. Lueh, V. M. Parikh, and J. Stichnoth. "Fast, Effective Code Generation in a Just-In-Time Java Compiler." In Proceedings of PLDI'98, pages 280-290, Montreal, Quebec, June, 1998. ACM.

L. Wang, J. Stichnoth, and S. Chatterjee. "Runtime Performance of Parallel Array Assignment: An Empirical Study." In Proceedings of Supercomputing '96, Pittsburgh, PA, November 1996.

T. Stricker, J. Stichnoth, D. O'Hallaron, S. Hinrichs, and T. Gross. "Decoupling Synchronization and Data Transfer in Message Passing Systems of Parallel Computers." In Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Supercomputing, pages 1-10, Barcelona, July 1995. ACM.

J. Subhlok, J. Stichnoth, D. O'Hallaron, and T. Gross. "Exploiting Task and Data Parallelism on a Multicomputer." In Proceedings of the 4th PPoPP, pages 13-22, San Diego, CA, May 1993.

J. Stichnoth and T. Gross. "A Communication Backend for Parallel Language Compilers." In Proceedings of the 8th Workshop on Languages and Compilers for Parallel Computing, pages 224-236, Columbus, Ohio, August 1995. Springer Verlag.

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J. M. Stichnoth. "Efficient Compilation of Array Statements for Private Memory Systems." Technical Report CMU-CS-93-109, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University, February 1993.

Other Information:

Citizenship: USA

DOE "Q" security clearance granted, August 1990.