Bike Rides in the Pittsburgh Area

About the rides listed here

This directory contains descriptions of various bicycling routes in the Pittsburgh area, for the benefit of people looking for interesting places to travel.

Select one of the links below for the kinds of rides you want to take:

More bicycling information

For useful general information on bicycling, you might want to check out John Kolojejchick's bicycling info page, which has various files of interest to cyclists, written locally and on the Usenet. John Greiner's bike directory has some info as well. See also the newsgroup cmu.rec.cyclists, where you can trade information and arrange rides with local CMU bike-fans. There's a Frequently Asked Question list (FAQ) posted there regularly as well.

Door-to-door rides:

The following rides may be useful for people in the Pittsburgh area who want to ride right from their front doorstep, without using a car. They go through a wide variety of areas and conditions. Anyone is welcome to contribute more material, or expand on or correct existing material. Contributions can be emailed to me, and I'll include them in this directory, with your name on them.

Send questions or comments on the descriptions to their authors.

I've tried to include a summary of mileage, hills, and traffic with each ride. These are obviously subjective, and different writers may have different opinions about what "bad" hills or traffic are. Mileage may also be inexact; for many of my rides I just estimated, since I didn't have an odometer. In many cases, alternate routes are given which may be shorter or longer than the "main" route.

Door-to-Door Ride listing:

In the City
Beechwood Boulevard route (featuring East End city parks)
A training loop around Squirrel Hill
Pittsburgh Marathon course
To the North
Beechwood Farms and Squaw Run
Hartwood Acres (via Middle Rd.)
North Park
The Red Belt
To the West, East, and South
The Mon Valley
The Ohio River valley
Raccoon Creek State Park (Beaver Co.)
South Park
Turtle and Brush Creeks

For rides outside the city, you may also want to consult information about bridges.

More rides:

A comprehensive off-line collection of rides can be found in the Western Pennsylvania Wheelmen Map Pak, according to Rick Kazman. As of summer 1994, Map Pak costs $15 and includes detailed maps and descriptions for 160 different rides in Western PA. The club meets regularly in Pittsburgh. You can also write to the club at:

Western Pennsylvania Wheelmen
P. O. Box 6952
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

John Ockerbloom (