Inverse Kinematics Course Notes

   This page was going to contain a postscript document covering the material I presented at the SIGGRAPH 95 Physically Based Modeling course. I wanted it to lay out the cosmically correct differential inverse kinematics algorithm. Unfortunately, after alot of headbanging against brick walls, I realized that nobody, myself included, actually had such an algorithm that was both general enough to satisfy me and robust in the face of near-singular configurations.  So I decided to actually start thinking about a thesis topic instead of writing a paper I wouldn't be satisfied with.

   As for everything else that the course notes would have covered, I discovered that somebody else had already written an excellent document that introduces all of the problems and general approaches to inverse kinematics. That document is Chris Welman's master's thesis, which you can find here. You can also grab a copy of the slides I used in my presentation (postscript or acrobat).

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