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Online Stores & Stocks

Stock Watch 1
Stock Watch 2
CNNfn - the financial network
Charles Schwab | Home
DVD Express
Chips & Bits Online
Price Watch(tm) - Street Price Search Engine
Avoid capital gains on stock purchases - Oct. 08, 1999

Utilities & Biz

Ask Jeeves
Yahoo! News and Events
WAVE Report
BigYellow: Your Yellow Pages on the Web


PAT Buses stopping near CMU
CMU SCS Computing Facilities Home Page
[WebCat] Unicorn WebCat
CMU Libraries: Reference sites
Human Subjects in Research

ACM Member Profile
Britannica Online
The New Zealand Digital Library
ARTFL Project: ROGET'S Thesaurus Search Form
UPS Home Page


American Medical Association
Welcome to MedSeek
Rosenthal Center Home Page Welcome
Ask Dr. Weil | Mon Jun 29 03:01:41 1998

Car Shopping

Kelley Blue Book - Bluebook Car Prices
The IntelliChoice CarCenter
Edmund's ® Automobile Buyer's Guide - pricing, reviews, information on incentives & rebates, developments in the automotive world. - We?re changing the way America buys cars
AutoVantage - Buying, selling, research and product information for new and used cars
New and used cars and trucks priced online. - New Cars, Dealer Direct... With the Invoice-Based Pricing Up Front!

Support Online from Microsoft Technical Support--Advanced View
Yahoo! Companion

Graphics & Animation

3D Modeling and Models

CMU Autonomous Helicopter Project - HMP Data
Viewpoint Datalabs: Avalon
3DSite: Model Market
The 3D Comic Collective
FeiFei Graphics
Metaball modeler demo

Hash and other Animation Resources

Welcome to Meshula Labs
A:M-iable Forum
Hash, Inc.
GNU SplineSwarm - Tutorials
w w w . s p i r a l o i d . c o m
Principles of Traditional Animation Applied to Computer Animation
I Can Walk Up Stairs! Hash Tutorial
Animation:Master Textures
Bone It with Hash: Part II
Larry's Toon Institute
Jeff Paries Needful Things
Steven Stahlberg's 3D Gallery
3D Creature Workshop University - The #1 Resource for 3D Creature tutorials
M3G Main Page
Digital 3D Lighting
Animation Master -- Mailing list search engine
ToonNation Procedural Textures
Spicy Cricket Animation!--"3D Computer Character Design and Animation"

Motion Capture

Hand Input devices
A Survey of Glove-based Input
Analogus - Products & Technology
Motion Capture Tools and Studios
notes on motion capture
Free Motion Capture Data
Adaptive Optics Associates, Inc. Home Page
Motion Analysis Corporation
Motion Capture - Introduction.
Motion Capture Vendors
Untitled Document

Animation Products

Welcome to Numerical Design Ltd. Developers of Realtime 3D Technologies
Viewpoint Datalabs Motion Clips
XForms Home Page
David's Computer Graphics Home Page
Welcome to the Motion Factory
Caligari Products
Autodesk - Multimedia - 3D Studio
Alias|Wavefront Entertainment Products
Ray Dream Studio etc.
Life Forms 3 by Credo
Lightscape Technologies Home Page
About ElectricImage
The trueSpace User Map
pulse 3D
NeMo - Build Interactivity into Real-Time 3D Games, Websites and Multimedia
Welcome to Cult3D

Pubs and Conferences

Computer Graphics Conferences
GRAPHBIB: Computer Graphics Bibliography Database

Research Groups

Microsoft Graphics Group
Microsoft Research People
Computer Graphics at Stanford University
Caltech Computer Graphics Group
GW Graphics Group Home Page
SFU Computing Science: Research Groups

Biomechanics etc.

Information Resources of Interest to Kinesiology
Kinesiology Related Home Pages
The NPAC Visible Human Viewer
Biomechanics World Wide In Frames
3d ARK : ARKticles

Tools and Toolits

The FLTK Home Page
Apple - Products - QuickTime
The GIMP Homepage
Codec Central - Info on Multimedia Codecs and Technologies
Indeo® Software Download Area

Pixar Home page
Real-Time Rendering Resources
Pinnacle Systems - The leader in digital video editing, video capture and video effects solutions for the hobbyist to the broadcaster!


The Internet Movie Database
Clamen's Movie Information Collection
TV Guide Online


ADV : Intro Page
Anime Anime Anime Anime
AnimeNation Anime Nation Online Anime Store
Anime Pitstop!
Anime Castle
DVD AniMania - Your DVD and Animation News Source


Used Video Games
Used Games and Game Phoenix- We buy sell and trade used Video games and Video game
Computer Games Online
GameSpot - Giving gamers the best in PC game related information
GameSages - The Cure for the Common Code
Games Domain - Games Games Games Game Game Game - Offers videogame enthusiasts the most comprehensive source of information on Sony PlayStation, Nintendo 64, and Sega Saturn videogame products.
The Surface
Mpath Corporate Home Page
Computer Games Online
Console Domain
Square Gamer - [ Where Chocobos go between Final Fantasy games ]
Welcome - Final Fantasy 8 Extreme Strategy Guide
PSX Extreme - Playstation
Shopping for Video Games on the Web - Online Shopping - 07/27/98
Sell and Trade on the Net, Sony Playstation- Video Games - Date: 03/13/98
Robinson Technologies, Inc.

Other Diversions


The Mammoth Music Meta-List @ VIBE
Basics of a Multi-Track MIDI Sequencer
Metro Professional MIDI Sequencer
Contents of Windows DEMO Area
Evolution MIDI and PC Music with FREE Demo Software
The MIDI Farm Internet

Walt Disney World
Outside Online
Forum 2000
Recipe Directory Index
Camcorder Guides and Articles
Camcorders, Camcorder, Digital Camcorder, Digital Camcorders, Video Camera, Digital Video Cameras, Pal System Camcorders, 888-462-6339 Discounts
Bread Recipe .Com | Breads By Category


Hardware Info and Vendors

Tom's Hardware Guide
HP Products
CyberMax Computer, Inc. Online | 800-345-8939
Polywell Computer Systems 800K7 Home User Homepage
Alienware Universe

The Scheme Programming Language


Welcome to Network ICE
Gibson Research Corporation Homepage - automated online security evaluation

NEOS Guide Optimization Tree
Creative Linux
SourceForge: Welcome
Welcome to Executive Software International

Literature and Philosophy

The Nietzsche Page at USC
Emerson's "Self Reliance"
The Road to Xenu


Mei's Home Page
Williams College CS Home Page

New and Misc

DVD Utils - Let's be Region Free
DVD DIGEST Tech Support Zone : DVD TroubleShooting
Welcome to
Interviewing Success

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