Scientific Inquiries into Sexual Orientation

  • Simon Levay's article in the August 30, 1991 edition of Science entitled A Difference in Hypothalmic Structure Between Heterosexual and Homosexual Men demonstrates that the biology of sexual orientation may be explored in a controlled, scientific manner.
  • In a December 1991 Opinion piece for the New York Times, Michael Bailey and Richard Pillard discuss their research with male identical twins and their belief that sexual orienation has a genetic basis.
  • June Reinisch of the Kinsey Institute responds to a question about the influence hormones might have prenatally on sexual orientation.
  • An January 1993 article on J. Michael Bailey's follow-up work looking at a twin women and a biological basis for female sexual attraction
  • A UPI article on the Janus Report describes on studies estimated prevalance of same-sex sexual activity.
  • An article in the July 1993 issue of Technology Review questions the methodologies of many studies which claim to show a genetic nature to same-sex attraction.
  • A UPI story on the discovery of a possible genetic link for sexual orientation
  • A similar story from the New York Times
  • Press release from the National Institutes for Health on their detection of genetic markers on the X chromosome believed to indicate a genetic basis for sexual orienation.
  • The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force reaction to NIH study reported above.

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