The Random Art Screen Saver


Andrej Bauer was showing off some beautiful images that he'd generated with his Random Art algorithm. I thought it would make a great screen saver. And since, being a graduate student, I had nothing better to do (or more accurately, I wanted to have nothing better to do), I stole his code, stayed up all night, and made it into a screen saver for Win32 systems.

Download And Installation

You can grab a copy here. Just download it and then right click on it in the Explorer, and select Install. It will install itself. It will also produce a strange error that I haven't bothered dealing with, because the error doesn't seem to lead to any problems. Just bring up the Display control panel and select the Random screen saver, and you're in business.


There are no settings that are user-configurable. However, it is sensitive to the display settings. In particular, it really runs best in 24-bit mode; 16-bit modes give a very noticeable degredation in quality. 8-bit modes are atrocious.

The code is parallelised for SMP machines running NT, but I haven't tested it in a multiprocessor configuration. Send me mail if there are problems (or if it works!).

This software is free for non-commercial use. If you want to sell it as part of something else, or even on its own, you have to talk to us first.

Check back often --- Andrej is constantly improving the Random Art code!