Review: Steel Rose

Steel Rose by Kara Dalkey
Review by Greg Armstrong and Mia Sherman

Steel Rose is an engaging modern fantasy about young woman, TJ, who accidentally summons two tommy-knockers while trying to work out a piece of performance art. By asking for help with her art, she inadvertantly gets involved in a conflict between the Sidhe (elves and other nature spirits) and the Unseelie (leprechauns and "worker" spirits). The Unseelie blame the Sidhe on Pittsburgh's declining steel industry and accompanying economic woes.

Oh, did I mention that this is set in Pittsburgh? The book is filled with delightful glimpses of Pittsburgh scenery and history, as well as magic and magical beings.

Meanwhile, as the plot progresses, TJ must avoid losing her soul to either side by playing a game for which she does not know the rules. She doesn't know who to trust among the magical folk, and of course, what humans would believe her enough to help her out? I think TJ missed talking to the obvious choice, but I suppose old habits die hard. If you read the book, you'll see what I mean.

I really recommend the book for anyone who likes light fantasy and Pittsburgh.

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