Elizabeth Haydon
Review by Don Cox

Rhapsody is a woman and a Singer, one who studies lore and teaches with song. She is also learning to be a Namer, one who can discern the true name of people and things. Before she finishes her studies, her mentor disappears.

Rhapsody, like most of us, has a past. Unfortunately, hers is catching up to her. In her previous profession, she gained the unending devotion of a mercenary, Michael, the Wind of Death. After being away for years, Michael, the Waste of Breath (as Rhapsody calls him) returns and demand her 'services'. No longer in THAT business, Rhapsody refuses and goes on the run.

Aided by Grunthor, a giant Bolg, and the Brother, a Dhracian assassin, she makes her escape from Michael only to be caught up in an even more complicated plot.

The F'dor are a demonic race who mean to destroy the world. The Brother has had to work for a F'dor since the F'dor learned his true name. Now, the Brother means to escape with Grunthor's help and Rhapsody must run with them or be caught by things worse than Michael could ever be.

This book is very well done. It follows the trio on a journey through the earth and time as they try to thwart the F'dor and discover their own lost past. This book leaves too many opportunities for sequels to be one and only. Or maybe that is just wishful thinking on my part.

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