Macroscope by Piers Anthony

Review by Bill Johnston

Macroscope is probably the most well known of Piers Anthony's science fiction novels. The macroscope is a telescope which sees light-speed particles called macrons and can form a better resolution picture than light. A message is discovered that turns people who view it into mental cripples who can't even talk, and this message is named the destroyer. The macroscope station is going to be closed down as a result, but the scientists arrange to have it stolen by four of their own. These four discover great knowledge behind the destroyer and set out to destroy it.

The story is much better than any other I have read of the same type, and the characters are not the typical one-dimensional hyper-super-geniuses, but are actually well developed. The problems I find with the book are that the one actual super-genius is able to manipulate his own mind and body and that astrology is a viable science in the book. The book tries to get you to look at astrology with an open mind, but some things are just beyond my openness.

I have read nothing else by Piers Anthony, and I am sure everyone is glad of that so they don't have to read accompanied reviews.

This book is available in the PARSEC Library.
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