The Company of Glass
Everian: Book one
Valery Leith
Review by Don Cox

The Everian civilization has disappeared. All except mysterious cities that appear and vanish again with time and tide. Living in the abandonded fortress of Jai Khalar, the people fight a battle with the Sekk, a deadly race that enslave the will of man.

Years ago, Ysse went to the lost city of Jai Pendu and returned with an artifact, the Fire of Glass. It has helped hold the Sekk at bay but the Sekk and others are becoming more determined to have Jai Khalar.

Now, Istar, daughter of Chyko, a legendary fighter and one of a company of men to brave the city of Jai Pendu, is determined to reach the lost city to find a new artifact. Tarquin, the only surviving member of the company who last tried to gain a new weapon against the Sekk, is determined to keep Istar from going. Holding himself responsible for his best friend's death, he doesn't want Chyko's daughter to die on the same foolish quest.

An easy read and obvious lead in to a series, I find myself again wondering why I bother to start reading these until there are at least two or three. Who knows how long I'll have to wait for the rest?

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