Ill Met in Lankhmar
Lean Times in Lankhmar
Return to Lankhmar

by Fritz Leiber
Review by Matthew Urick

White Wolf Press is putting all of the Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser adventures in new editions. That alone should be recommendation enough for anyone who has not read them. But these new editions have an attraction for the reader already familiar with these stories: they are putting the contents of two books into one high-quality volume at the regular price. An added bonus is each book and story has a frontspiece drawn by Mike Migola.

All the stories are rewarding reading. My favorites are the first four published. these were bought by John Campbell for Unknown, although he almost did not buy them because he thought they were more of a Weird Tales mood. In fact, Leiber was writing the stories for Weird Tales, but never sold any of the series there. This was surprising to me because those early Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser tales are so different in style and mood, to me, than the average fantasy adventure of then - and of today. They are examples of what made Unknown the unique magazine it was. It is sufficient to say this "difference" is still there in the other stories.

The first two volumes are out in paperback, the third is currently available in hardback, and the fourth and final one is to be published this year (1998). Let me finish by recommending the hardback editions. These editions also contain a map of Lankhmar on the end papers and as a final nice touch, the frontspiece of the two books contained in the volume are embossed on the front cover.

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