The Darkwar Trilogy

by Glen Cook

Review by Bill Johnston

The Darkwar Trilogy: Doomstalker / Warlock / Ceremony by Glen Cook was a set of books my roommate stuck me with in exchange for his being forced to read some of my favorites. For a title containing the word trilogy and an author who writes fantasy, I was pleasantly surprized to find that the book depends on a rather rationally designed set of psychic powers.

The three books are really one book chopped into three parts by the publisher, and are about the life of an alien woman with amazing natural ability for psychic powers. She faces several different problems in the world, and I think that the book was well laid out. I do think, though, that it moves too slowly in the beginning and too quickly in the end, but Cook probably realized after the first book was printed that he had more than three books worth of material and didn't want to write a four or five book "trilogy".

I liked these books well enough that I would buy them if I could find them, and I did buy an sf book of Cook's that I did find.

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