Doomfarers of Coramonde

Starfollowers of Coramonde

A Tapestry of Magics

by Brian Daley

Review by John Clarke

Doomfarers of Coramonde is yet another tale of ordinary humans who are thrown into a fantasy world and forced to perform a desperate mission. Ordinary humans, however, don't arrive in an armored personnel carrier and fight a dragon. Good story.

Starfollowers of Coramonde continues the story of Vietnam War soldier Gil MacDonald as he aids the prince in confronting an evil wizard and his minions in his own blasted land. One of the few sequels which is actually better than its predecessor.

A Tapestry of Magics tells of the adventures of a young noble who must prove himself as worthy as his heroic older brother. Reminiscent of shadow-world adventures in Zelazny's Amber books; nearly as good, though a much more loosely-knit story.

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